Have you thought of becoming a writer in the Digital world? Have you ever dream’t of writing articles like a pro?

Have you ever thought of effectively writing out your mind and heart through proper skills?

If any of the answers are yes, then this can help you to inch a step ahead towards your dream.

The internet world is full of information and mostly in the form of written articles, blogs, excerpts, videos & many more. Writing content is always easier when you are comfortable and accustomed to the subject/Niche about which you are writing. It is about creating a voice which others can understand and can be appealing to the new audience.

Many bloggers can walk into any niche and write an outstanding article, and then move into another niche and repeat the same. However, this requires years of experience and tons of knowledge to write like a pro.

The more you write, the more you get experienced. The knowledge required to write a blog is already available on the internet. We just need to compile it for our target audience.Being a content writer, we may need to switch our niches to write according to the business needs.

You may need to write about a new product or target to a new audience, so your writing strategy will change. We cannot learn everything about all the niches available, but you can always learn the art to write in any niche. The best way is to learn from examples and samples which you can use as a reference point.

Why will people read your blogs?

Your blog may be new, but in most of the cases, it may not be the first of its kind. There will be individual competitors for each niche who act like big beasts in the market.

To be honest, a blog with less than 30k impression per month will not attract the companies to make a deal with you, and to reach that level it may take months with the pure quality content. This may bring your morale down, but this is not the case always.

After all, you are spending money, time and effort to keep the blog working. Right..! So, to make people read your blog, or to create impressions, you need to provide a solution to a problem which is common in your target audience.

There are several writing techniques available online about how to write content which includes readability factor, punctuations, usage of grammar, Short and crisp sentences, creative headlines, keywords for hunters, SEO techniques, visual designs and many more but when we sit to write the main question in our mind is what to write so that people read.

Here find a problem and write about the solution people are looking for.

Once you develop this habit, you will see your followers growing over time. These are the followers who will monetise your blog..!!!

We will enlist here the  most important evergreen niches and few proven methods to monetise them. Though some of the monetisation methods remain common throughout all the niches, here we try to summarise most popular and crowded niches in the online market.

Nevertheless, before we start you all should know ……

Blogging is not all sunshine, It is a 24×7 job, and balancing between work and life sometimes becomes tough. You need to stand tough.Blogging will also invite many criticisms in specific niches when your views do not match those of your audiences. So nothing to worry. Here you need to learn the art of persuasive writing.

There is hardly new content created by most of the bloggers; many are copied theories and cut paste works. SO there are chances your hard work will be stolen and used by others. Learn not to feel low about it.

Several bloggers need to make videos for their audiences, and a lot of time/resources will be wasted in particular niches blogging. You may have to do this, no other way out.

To make your content visible in search queries, certain SEO concepts to be learnt by bloggers (It is vast) Several basic and advanced material, courses & training are available online. So not getting intimidated by such checkpoints we can start our journey in the blogging.

I will list here most popular start-up blogs in the market and will give strategies about how to grow the new blog and finally monetise each one.

Let’s begin !!

We will focus here only proven, broadly applicable monetisation techniques in this write up. 

Digital Marketing 

This is one of the most common broad niches selected by beginners in the world of blogging. 

Marketing concept remains the same for all products, but the methods used for marketing have shifted the paradigm from traditional to the digital arena. 

After this corona pandemic, most of the businesses tried to make an online presence, which resulted in the online digital revolution for businesses. 

There are several micro niches in the digital marketing where one can start up a blog starting from website development to SEO, including WordPress, builder tools, content marketing, Facebook marketing, google ads, Linkedin marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing and many more. 

So how to write content for digital marketing blog?

Several new digital tools and platforms are launched daily. The blogger needs to keep themselves updated to get the most traffic, and should try making content for new products & tools are launched in the market. Many new tools platform will give premium access to become a beta tester. 

Analyse the new tools & products.
–Write about the changes in the policies & methodologies of digital giants like Google, AWS, WordPress etc. This will keep your audience updated through one channel. 
–User impact of new versions of the tools. 
–Write about the updates/new releases of the micro niches in DM. SEO updates, Ranking software, Google Ads, Facebook ads, Instagram updates, Twitter policies, hosting services.
Introduce short length video tutorials with learnings.
–Indulge your audience with challenges.

How to monetise the Digital Marketing blog?


The best & earliest way to monetise is to freelance when a beginner. Showcase your skills on the portfolio, make it as authority builder. 

Learn about marketing, and specialise in one micro-niche

Provide a solution to the identified problems in your micro-niche. You can also potray yourself as Freelance Designer who design blog images, Videographer who makes short videos,Social media marketing assistance, Virutal assistant, Copywriter etc.

Freelancing may not be a permanent alternative, but it can be a worthwhile exercise in learning how to work with clients, how to get paid online, and how to underpromise and overdeliver. This is where the digital agency owners are competent with. You will get some start-up funds to keep your blog running. 

Affiliate marketing

Buying a product or service from someone who receives a kickback or commission for the sale is termed as affiliate marketing

There are several digital products for which you can become an affiliate with, and start earning with sales from your blogs. 
To start with this, you need to win the trust of your audience over time. People like to buy from those whom they know, trust and like.
You need to write up useful content about the same, so people start believing you. 

Coaching and consulting:

Digital marketers can consult and coach others once they are comfortable in the niche, and when their audience starts believing them. 
Monetize by consulting for businesses, content writing, mentoring the students for further learning. 
Premium content for paid subscribers which can include, courses, videos, E-books. 

Health & Nutrition Niche

Health and nutrition is the 2nd most popular niche for beginners. Honestly, health is not a niche, it’s a broad market. The market is divided into Segments, and Segments have multiple niches. Each niche has sub-niches which we call micro niche or super niche.

People, no matter what their background, culture, or economic status… want to be happy and healthy. And they are willing to buy products or treatments that will help them do that.
Various Sub niches can be Digestive health, Weight loss, Anti-aging, Diabetes,  Arthritis Back and neck pain, Hair loss, Heartburn, Fatigue, Reproductive health,  Healthy eating and many more.

What can you be your attractive content in this niche?

1: Various ways to cook healthy
2: health benefits of certain food items. 
3: Right usage of latest exercise equipment. 
4: Health improvement by eating natural foods. 
5: Avoiding famous junk foods. 

And several other solutions to the common problem in our daily life. 

If you are a fitness blogger, bodybuilder, nutritionist, or anything of the sort, This could include:
· Video tutorials on how to do specific workouts
· Meal prep schedules and nutrition guidelines

How to monetize your Health and Nutrition : 

You can start monetizing with few blogs on your pages. After you build trust for your audience, several ways can be used to monetize the new blogs. 

1: Personalised eating plans, exercise plans, health charts. 
Remember, people have everything with them except time, and they are always looking for someone who can “do it for me”. As a blogger, you can make use of this. Consider selling something like a 30-day plan for your specific practice.
2: Make subscriptions for premium members for personalized stuff. 
3: Conduct webinars for common health issues & Nutrition plans. 
4: If you have any medical experience, you can make up for personal consultation from your blog. 
5: Shopping pointers and cooking recipes

All of these different components would be designed to work together and get students to a common end goal or transformation.

Food & Cooking 

This is the 3rd most common niche where the bloggers start with but are not able to monetise soon. It is a  healthy intersection of your creative cooking interest, storytelling and photography skills.
Start Up if you have passion to share your cooking ideas. Although there is stiff competition but this market is big enough to accommodate new bloggers easily.
Several ideas are readily available like blogs based on cuisines types, Ingredients specific, Preparation techniques, Food Groups, Special Foods, Classified with age groups etc.

What content can attract and build trust with readers?

Remember the limited time factor with your readers, make use of this. 

Time-saving delicious recipes for each niche type.
Easy to cook recipes. 
Cost-effective recipes. 
Alternatives to common problems during cooking.
Grandma’s recipes – old and nutritive
Videos for cooking, Cutting, Presenting, and tips. 

How to monetize the food blog?

Other than common methods of Affiliate, eCommerce, and selling recipes and e books, You can tie up local restaurants in your area for food delivery through your blog. 

Advertise the signature dishes- become an online reservation booking affiliate. 
Cloud kitchen: Join with the chefs in your city to start with the cloud kitchen and start getting food orders.
Ready to eat sale pages with drop shipping methods.
Paid premium content- recipes and tips, and online support for common errors while cooking. 

If you are a chef who’s sharing awesome new recipes and you want to build a personal brand for yourself, then ultimately it may be a better goal to start the process making earnings by selling an eBook that’s a simple compilation of all your best recipes with beautiful images & step-by-step tutorials. Also can include backlinks from the e-book to your own site. 

One of my friend, who is in the confectionery business, has started a chocolate blog. He started his blog writing about chocolates, (everyone loves chocolates.. right!!) and is now in the process of monetizing it with custom made chocolates delivered to the subscribers on festivals. Good choice.. yep!!

Personal Development

This is the 4th most common area where bloggers start with. PD is a lifelong process where your audience assesses their skills and qualities, consider their aim in life, set goals, and work constantly to improve the existing skills, or engage themselves in learning new skills.

It is a VERY VERY broad niche and covers several micro niches under its cover.

Everyone wants to become a better person in the world. It can be done by improving interpersonal skills, learning time management, Improving physical looks, Meditation, Productivity management, working on self-esteem, Learning etiquettes, Communication skills and many more. The list can be much more than this. 

So what is the content which attracts your readers?

Try to find the problems in each type, and then address that in blogging in a specific niche. 

People will find their way to your blog because you’re promising to give them a solution to a problem that is real to them. It is a concrete problem. Something that is top of mind for them at that moment. And, they are seeking to solve it.

SO….Deal with specific problems in a structured way. 
Answer the concrete questions that readers are looking at the answers for. 
Find real problems in your particular niche, and give a specific structured solution which is tangible and real. 

Just motivational stuff and other quotes may not help you get the attention of the readers. No one looks for just vague e-books, which have a lot of content dancing over all kinds of topics with no real solution in view. 

How to monetize from the blog?

Once you are familiar with the niche where you can provide a solution instead of beating around the bush, you have got ample opportunities to make money around easily. 

Make a premium subscription for a client looking for specific answers. 
Make 1-2-1 consultation on a premium channel. 
Develop a personalised plan for an individual based on your experience. Such plans will differ with each niche types. 
Conduct paid webinars or zoom meets for discussing and providing live solutions. Remember, many individuals may have similar problems, and the solution for each may be different. One shoe may not fit all.) 

Note for beginners

Avoid displaying ads as this can spoil the image of your blog for regular and attributed readers. Displaying ads can make your website look cheap, and this can dilute your brand value. The ads, however, do not add any value to your blog. 
Also, one cannot control the type of ads displayed on the webpage. We can try avoiding them, even though we are beginners. 

Money and Wealth Niche. 

Money is the most sort after in this world. There is always an audience to learn to make money, so if you are one of them who can write about the proven money-making methods which are not MLM, Taking surveys for money, Selling pirated materials or pirated courses or online gambling, there are definitely readers and followers for your blog. 

Your solution should help audiences genuinely increase their wealth. Identify the end goal for your readers, like what they are looking for mainly- more cash, Better ROI, Growth, Profits, Increased Sales. Based on the end goal, make up your approach in your blog. 

Certain write-ups which can make your fan following on the blog can be 

Writing about the latest technological developments. 
Writing about the financial markets with the latest updates. 
Weekly tips for investing money, save money. 
Ideas to increase ROI, Profits, Increased sales. 

How to monetise Money & Wealth blogs. It will be strange if I suggest the blogger who is specialising in Money making and wealth creation. We are here listing methods where a blogger can make money through his blog. Makes sense…!

As a beginner, you are in the process of building your trust of the audiences so it may not be easy that readers can pay you money directly. However, you can adopt certain methods to start making money from the blog. 

Make small courses/e books.
Hold Webinars with few clients and post on your site as testimonials, just like personal coaching. 
Make online consulting for new investors or newcomers. 
Can make collaboration with experienced bloggers in the same niche on a profit share basis. 

Relationships Niche

Many new bloggers start writing about relationships among individuals. Are you starting a relationship blog for divorced parents? A relationship blog for teens? Or a blog about platonic relationships?

“If you try to be everything for everybody, you will be nothing to no one.”

Write about the evergreen content, in the long-form which is based on knowledge and learning, and less with individual perceptions. 
Write about the basics of relationships. 
Make few videos on your sites where you are acting as role player & demonstrating ideas in person. 
Write a new article or announcement types which are short term. 
Make more image-related content. 
Write about the mix of topics which are interrelated to your niche. 

How to Monetize the new blog. 

Provide a service that your audience is looking for. 
Make a paid webinar in this niche which can clear doubts about basics.
Make some e-books with relevant content based on solutions. 
Premium content and videos for individual consulting. 
E.g., Anyone writing about parenting tips can make money by making contact with certified daycare centres, hobby centres which can run programs for your readers. 

Education or Technical Blogs. 

A large number of audience is always interested in learning and reading technical reviews.This may include the blogs which are descriptive or informative purposes such as Digital marketing training blogs, or Communication skills learning blogs, or electronic gadgets reviews. Like Other niches, the market for learning and teaching will never be saturated. Moreover the content has started moving online, there is a large potential.

What can be the content for such blogs?

Write up about the new Electronic equipment launched by big companies. 
Usages about the new products. 
Malfunctions and troubleshooting for the new devices. 
Courses or e-books for various educational streams. 
If you are into designing/developing you can write about design courses, Software as a solution( SAAS Products) and many more latest developments.

How to monetize the new blog? 

Write articles and try to get sponsorship for small budget companies locally. 
Join affiliate programs for amazon and other online companies
Sell others products on your blog. 
Comparison of categorized products. 
Premium content of personalized guidance for your services. 
Private classes for enthusiastic students interested in learning Designing, developing, etc.

Fashion & Lifestyle blogs

Fashion blogs are ubiquitous among the new entrants in the blogging arena. These will cover the fashion industry, clothing and lifestyles.There is a huge fan following of famous fashion trends, so this can be a highly influential blogging idea. The new blog should be useful & attractive to its readers, which can become loyal visitors to the blog. 

What content to start with?

Write about fashion styles of influencer celebrities. 
Make a compelling post about the latest trends in the fashion world. 
DIY easy projects. 
The story about the outfit of celebrities. 
Thoughtful outfit posts with your own personal experience.
Most common fashion blunders. 
Common lifestyles mistakes or blunders. 
Daily announcements for the Outfits- which keeps your readers engaged.

How to monetize the blog. 

This may require a little extra effort to start with. Apart from writing about the above content, it may be not easy to start earning from the blog. We have certain ideas which can be helpful. 

Selling related products on the blog. 
Dropshipping of famous or most useful fashion hack products. 
Customised services according to your expertise.
Paid listing of the local fashion centres in your area for your readers to explore. 
Premium access to videos and user-generated contents.
Make use of customer co-creation strategy for engaging large audiences. 

Skin Care/Personal care & grooming blogs. 

Most of the people all over want to look beautiful and young all the time. So this blogging is one of the most demanding niches where one can grow fast. 

How to start with the content on the blog?

Try to provide verified & concrete solutions for possible problems the audience can possible come across.
DIY remedies for skincare
Reviews of famous personal care & grooming products.
Favorite vegan or cruelty-free products
The best skincare products for oily/dry/combination/sensitive skin
Common mistakes people make with their skin(evergreen content)
Share top tips for flawless makeup application, Makeup removal methods, DIY Face masks, Haircare etc.

How to monetize the blog?

Make videos with your own DIY products, and sell those to your audiences.
Dropshipping for cosmetic and beauty products. 
Can make private label products with manufactures and suppliers. 
Tutorials for learning various skincare methods. 
Sponsorship from local vendors to highlight a local drug store product in comparison to branded products. 
Connect with various spas, salons and fitness centres for your audiences to avail services from your blog page.

PS: Check with your local government policies in your country before you can start selling products on your webpages. 

Life improvement or personal success blogs

When it comes to life improvement, people generally lack motivation and fear that goal will be too overwhelming. The change cannot happen overnight but may take time and continuous practice. So as a blogger, you need to engage your readers and motivate them to reach the destination. 

Try not to mention the motivational quotes or other routine articles which may not provide any solution. Success is respective to the individual, not predefined to everyone. 

What content can be attractive for a start-up blog?

Write about the problems, challenges and practical solutions. Make a sequence of the posts which can create interests in your blog.

Try to find out the doable challenges. Maintain clarity and coherency in your blog throughout. 

Do not write about the success stories but stories of strugglers with their challenges & learnings. Percentage of readers on the later side will be significantly more and will mostly associate themselves.

Write content which depicts your self-interest and enthusiasm in your audiences. 

Don’t write about the life improvement methods but maintain your focus on solving specific problems. 

Monetizing ideas for your blog. 

Consult online to remove doubts of your readers. Also for those looking to achieve a particular thing you’ve achieved. 
Make subscription fees for serious audiences. 
E-books and video content can be made available on small charges. 
Make specific tutorials with time-bound challenges for your audiences. 
Sell personal development products. 
Affiliate products and courses which you can endorse for results. 
Partnering with another blogger to create a product together and market it to each other’s audience.
Write guest blogs with your experience. 
Engage in virtual summits or webinars each with a specific problem and its solution. 

Travel & Tourism blog

Travel blogging is more about storytelling, which makes readers feel them in your shoes.

Travel blogs require a lot of time, patience and expenses on the pocket to travel around to write about. if you want people to recognise you, talk about you and recommend you, you need to stand out. ‘Travel & Stories’, or ‘Full-time Couple Travelers’ or Solo female traveller isn’t a niche which can give you returns. You need to narrow it down. 

Stay consistent and coherent with your blog.

What content can you write in travel and tourism blogs?

Keep your audience updated with the latest facts in your niche. Find what your audience is looking for, rather than what you can write about. Most of the information is already available on the net.
Find some “best of, how to” of unexplored places of your native land. 
Events and news in certain tourist places. 
Follow up/Reaction posts for your old posts.
Short videos about your experiences which can be a solution for others. 

How to monetise the travel and tourism blog. 

Blogger needs to invest a lot of his time and money before monetisation starts. Many will lose patience and quit in a few months. So for starters who want to earn soon here are some of the tested ways to make money to keep your blog alive. 

Make contacts with hotels/ travel agents on your city to display them on your webpage. 
Selling digital products to your readers. 
Arrange special discounts and deals through your blog posts. 
Try finding sponsored posts( companies are ready to pay you money to write about their review on your blog) But be genuine in your reviews.
Associate as an affiliate for travel products and services.
Try to contact companies for brand ambassadorships for places where you travel. 
Can offer your consulting services to categorised travellers. 
Contact schools for educating kids about travel tips.  
Try to engage in collaboration with other micro niche bloggers. 

Maybe the monetization channels we’ve discussed so far weren’t the best fit… or maybe you’re already using them and want some more ideas on how to make money blogging.

You’re skilled. You’re experienced. Your audience will start believing in you. You’ve got talent, and now you’re just learning how to monetize your blog.